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Stuck With Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the most powerful tool in your business toolbox. You could have the BEST product or service in the market… but if no one knows you exist, you’ll remain unknown.

Here’s where I come in. I’ll work with you to do the marketing that:

  • Quickly identifies missed money opportunities 
  • Meets the needs you have (no fluffy, fancy nonsense)
  • Prioritises quick wins and low hanging fruit first
  • Sets you up for long term success
  • Works with your budget
  • Makes sure you’re not just a number (like in with an agency)
digital marketing

My services

I can do one, some, or all of these for you!

Strategy & Research

Step one is strategy. There is zero point in ‘thinking this might be a good idea’, without researching and knowing it is. This will always save you time and money. 

Branding & Design

Shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover? The truth is that we. all. do. So let’s tidy you up and use this fact to attract more returning customers through trust and integrity.


Being the answer to your customer’s question is a great way to get leads. I’ll cover both technical and on-page SEO so that you’re showing up in Google or with AI.

Lead Magnets & Email

An email list is a giant group of people who already want to buy from you! I’ll create digital assets that attract people to sign up, so we can drip feed them tasty offers.

Social Media

Over 80% of people spend 2 hours or more PER DAY on social media. Now tell me it’s not important for your business to show up on TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

Photo & Video

In this digital world, video and photos are King. With my professional equipment, I’ll come and shoot content that can be used across social media and your website.

Client Reviews

Laura helped to give the kick up the butt that we needed! She really uncovered who our customers were and created a professional website and newsletter specifically for them. I couldn't recommend her enough!
Raj Joshi, Canada
Laura took my brand from a one man band to a fully-fledged company with a new name, logo, and website. She then implemented a social media strategy to grow our page to one of the fasted growing brands in our market.
Tom Alderdice, UK
Director of Tiny Build Electrics
Would highly recommend Laura for all things strategy. I had no idea how much a little help with marketing would have such a massive impact on revenue. We are now thriving and I couldn't be happier with her work.
Marianne Secrest, Canada
CEO of MS Secrest LLC

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